Friday, July 25, 2008

While We Wait...

You may or may not have noticed the horrendous lack of posting lately. The lack of adoption news has caused a bit of a drought. For those who haven't been following since the beginning, we starting this adoption journey looking to Uganda (6-9 months they told us...18 months ago). When it looked like no progress was in sight for Uganda, we were contacted by missionary friends in Guatemala who had two kids we knew that were going to be available for adoption, so we switched our paperwork to Guatemala. Then Guatemala shut down before we could get far enough in the process to be grandfathered in. Now there may be some hope back in Uganda, but news is mostly nonexistent. And here we sit in our adoption purgatory.

So...until the adoption news picks up again (which we hope and pray will be soon), Matt is going to attempt to do some more non-adoption-news posting just to keep you all entertained. We'll see how this goes. Because the main purpose of this blog is to chronicle our adoption process, we're going to keep the same title, "Our Adoption Adventure", though we have seriously considered renaming it "Our Stagnant Adoption" or "Our Clear Lack of an Adoption" or "When Good Adoptions Go Bad" or some such thing. (That was intended to be funny, not depressing, but I think it missed the mark.)

We still believe in adoption. We are still committed to adoption. We still want our friends and family to be involved. So...keep coming back to our blog. We promise we'll try to do better! (And by do better, I mean post trite and trivial nonsense to keep you entertained.)

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Charley and Jackie said...

LOL :)
I check it daily :)
Yay! I can hear you!