Monday, November 5, 2007

Hope for the Children is born

Amy here, I don't write often because I try not to write unless I have something important to say. Well, the Lord has finally given me something important to share with you all. A few years ago, I did a home study for Jason and Dawn Seamands. They adopted a wonderful little girl, Hannah, from China. Little did I know that God would bring Dawn back into my life less then a year ago. Dawn approached me a few months ago about an idea the Lord had given her to start an adoption ministry to challange other Christians to adopt and to raise money to give grants to those families in KY who are adopting. I thought it was a great idea so we began to meet and talk about what this ministry may look like. After months of planning, it's all come together in the last month or so. We've brought another mom on board, Katie Bodager who along with her husband Greg is in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. Together, the Lord has given us the vision and a plan for Hope for the Children. We have come under the umbrella of New Hope International Ministries so we are now able to offer tax deductible receipts to those who wish to donate to the cause. Our main goal right now is to share about the need for Christians to be involved in adoption so we are open to speaking in Sunday School classes, at churches, to women's groups, etc. If you have an opportunity for us to share our stories, please e-mail adoptionhope "at" We have lots of ideas and I'll keep you all posted as things progress.


lyndi said...

how awesome!
i just found your blog today - totally by chance! i was looking for our teammates' blog - who happen to be the "kinnells" who are going to africa.
when do you anticipate getting to meet your son?

Matt & Amy said...


Wow! That's so cool...there aren't a lot of Kinnells that I know out there. We are in the waiting stage right now...hoping to travel maybe next summer?