Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Adoption Update: On Hold

So, the word we're getting from Uganda is that things are on hold right now. Basically, it has to do with wording. The Ugandan courts want the adoption orders to read one way, but the U.S. Embassy wants the orders to read another way.

Here is what we have been told: the Ugandan government does want the children to be adopted to the U.S. There are meetings going on between judiciaries, embassies, government ministers, and passport officials, to iron out the differences and come up with a policy concerning adoption rulings.

Here is what you can pray for: pray for the five families (adopting from the same home we are) who are currently waiting - they know their children, have met them, and are unable to bring them home until these things are worked out; pray that the talks among all involved parties will be resolved quickly and efficiently; pray for our son, whoever he may be; pray for patience for the families waiting for their rulings, the families waiting for their court dates, and the families waiting for their referrals (that would be us); pray for all the children who are waiting for homes and loving families, in Uganda and around the world.

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Heather said...

I stumbled upon your blog tonight. Oh, how difficult the waiting can be....and how faithful God is through all of it. May your Micah be in your arms soon. come home baby boy...