Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Uganda in the News

Several folks have been asking us about reports in the news that there has been some problems with the Ugandan legal system. Here is what we have gathered from the BBC: some opposition members who were accused of plotting a coup were granted bail by a Ugandan judge. The Ugandan security force cme in and arrested the defendants again, beating a lawyer unconscious in the process.

In response to the government interference with the judiciary, judges across the nation went on strike that lasted a week until the Ugandan president issued an apology and launched an investigation. The courts were to resume operation yesterday, dispite a new strike by the Ugandan Law Society (lawyers, pictured at above left).

So....what does this mean for us? We don't know. It seems like the major thing we are waiting on is our court date in Uganda, so any delay in the courts is not good. We don't know what affect the recent issues in the court system could have, but pray with us that the conflict will be resolved and courts can resume normal operations as soon as possible. We hope and pray that this will not delay our adoption process.


Anonymous said...

Hi My name is Melissa Carter and we are adopting from Uganda as well. I found your site by googling. We live in Alabama and this will be our 7th and 8th adoption. We had hoped that our court date would be in September but we have had a glitch in our homestudy stuff that will delay in us getting our 171-H for the kids immigration. We are adopting a little boy and girl and have been working with Hope for Uganda. Our lawyer just wrote and told us that in light of what was happening, it would be good to have a letter from our local mayor or senator saying we are good parents and would provide a good home for the children.
We have a blog too. www.journeytome.com (click on public journals and type eli Carter)
Pics of Andrew and Allan are on there as well as my other site www.melissacartercreations.com
I better quit or i'll write a book. blessings, Melissa Carter

Becky Ryder said...

Hi! I too found your site and am adopting from Uganda. We'r going through Holt International. Lucus is almost three. We're waiting for the 171-H as well. Lots of things in common! Hopefully the courts get figured out! God bless!

Kim said...

My family is pursuing adoption in Ethiopia, and I would love to talk with you about your experience.

trying4two at gmail dot com