Monday, October 15, 2007

The Dream Continues

Okay, nobody else may care, but all long-suffering Kentucky football fans (like the one pictured at left) know what I'm talking about. One of my friends asked me today, "I thought the biggest UK win of your life was a few weeks ago?" It was, but this past weekend eclipsed even the victory over the Evil Horde from the West (Louisville). The first win over a #1-ranked team since 1964 and our first-ever appearance in the BCS standings (#7). It could all come crashing down with the Florida coming to town this weekend, but who cares - ESPN College Gameday will be in Lexington...for a football game.

1 comment:

AaronG said...

Apparently a sign on GameDay read:

"This is for basketball, right?"

But, last week was a great game. And I despise college football. I'll at least have the game on today too. But my heart lies with BC... no... wait... what?